Click the bus to look Inside!

Click the bus to look Inside!


It all started when...

I decided I was never going to achieve the financial security along with the free time to truly live this life we're given unless I went into business for myself. Be my own boss. Take a risk. Start a company that I believe in. 

I have worked for major corporations since I was 16. Helped put me through college and beyond. I worked hard every day and soon made small advances up to management. Despite earning more money, it resulted in more stress and less time with family and friends. It didn't make any sense to me. So one day, after 7 years working with the same company, I left.

We get this one life to live, and I intend on living it to it's fullest. Therein comes the party bus. A safe space for you and your family and friends to not only have a great time but take you where you need to be in a safe manner.

Myself and my team are licensed and insured drivers who are ready to help you with your next adventure. I look forward to meeting you and helping you design the best tour for you and your party.